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Jess Ennis-Hill, Olympic gold medallist, mum of two and entrepreneur, set up Jennis back in 2019 to share her years of training expertise, nutritional know-how and motivational techniques.

The key for her was to challenge the idea that there is a one-size-fits-all approach to fitness. The truth: we’re all brilliantly different and to get the best results, you need to tap into what helps you be your personal best, physically, mentally and hormonally.

Because of this, across all our Jennis programmes (Fitness, Pregnancy, Postnatal and The Jennis CycleMapping), we’ll help you tap into your personal best way to work out, rest correctly and reach your fitness goals.

Everything we do is backed by world-class expertise (you can meet the team below), and we’re driven to help you define your version of great (whether that’s to be stronger, fitter, faster, more energised). Then we’ll help you get there.

Meet the Jennis team

Our world-class team has been handpicked by Jess across a wide range of disciplines to help you be your personal best

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Jess Ennis-Hill

As one of Great Britain’s most successful athletes, Jess Ennis-Hill spent years working and training with the best physios, coaches and psychologists in the world. When she retired from professional athletics in 2016, she wanted to share everything she had learned across her career and make it accessible to everyone. The result is Jennis: elite programmes and coaching plans for the everyday.


Emma Ross

Physiologist, Dr Emma Ross, is on a mission to help you tune in to what’s really going on in your body, then help you match symptoms and signs to the right style of activity to feel and perform better. Before working with Jennis, she was Head of Physiology at the English Institute of Sport, where she worked with female athletes in the run-up to the Rio Olympic games.


Lina Nielsen

Lina Nielsen is a qualified yoga teacher and 400m track athlete who took up yoga after fracturing her fibula during training. Crediting her yoga practice with helping her rehabilitate physically and emotionally, she is a passionate advocate of yoga for holistic fitness, and has designed her Jennis yoga sessions to appeal to both seasoned yogis and flexibility seekers / dodgers.


Claire Merrett

Claire is Jess’s postnatal physio and has been practicing for over 20 years. She has created all our postnatal circuits and is passionate about helping women rebuild their strength and fitness in the right way after giving birth. Her philosophy is to focus on long-term-female fitness over quick fixes and she specialises in pelvic-floor health.


Alison Rose

Ali is one of the UK’s leading sports physiotherapists and has worked with Jess and many other renowned sports stars. Most notably, Ali helped Jess come back to full strength and fitness and win heptathlon gold after her first baby through specially designed trimester-specific sessions. It’s these same circuits and principles that are featured in the Jennis Pregnancy programme.


Nicola Harpin

Nicola is a qualified yoga teacher who has been practicing for over 20 years, and taught Jess yoga when she was competing to increase her flexibility. She also worked with Jess on special trimester-specific yoga routines through both of her pregnancies. You’ll find these same routines in the Jennis app.


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