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Map your training to your menstrual cycle with Jennis CycleMapping

Introducing a brand-new fitness innovation from Jess Ennis-Hill that helps you train smarter, get stronger, feel more energised and reconnect with your body like never before…


7 surprisingly brilliant things you didn't know about your menstrual cycle

Jennis physiologist Dr Emma Ross reveals some lesser-known amazing things to try across your menstrual cycle…


5 stats about periods and modern culture you really won’t believe

Two billion people around the world have them, but as a society we still don’t talk about periods enough. Here, we kick off the conversation with some stories we couldn’t believe, either...

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Can you eat your PMT symptoms away?

From fatigue to headaches, bloating to sore boobs, the Pre-menstrual Phase has been associated with over 150 symptoms. But is it really possible to minimise the bad ones by eating smarter? We go out to lunch with Jennis Physiologist, Dr Emma Ross...


There’s a gender data gap in women’s health and we need to fix it

Jeanette Kwakye highlights the issue of the gap when it comes to data and studies on women’s health and discusses the things we can all do to make a difference… 


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