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Are achy muscles (DOMS) a good thing?

Tough workouts cause achy muscles, also known as DOMS, but are these a good thing? Jessica Ennis-Hill gives the lowdown about Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness…

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How do the Jennis HIIT Run sessions actually work?

Want to try an outdoor run session from Jessica Ennis-Hill's exercise app, Jennis Fitness? Then why not get Jess coaching you one-to-one with the Jennis HIIT Run sessions on SoundCloud or YouTube


Good v bad habits: how we make and break them

Ever wondered why bad habits are so hard to break while good habits can be tricky to even get off the ground? Clinical psychologist Linda Blair, chartered counselling psychologist Felix Economakis and professor of physical activity and health Professor S


Why your pre-run stretch routine might be completely wrong

Stretching to loosen up muscles before a run may sound like a no-brainer, but it’s not quite that simple, as we discover...


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