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Has lockdown messed with your fitness schedule? Want a plan that will get you back on track, while pushing you to get stronger, faster and fitter longterm? Then look no further...

Jessica Ennis-Hill, Jennis founder and former Olympic athlete, has created an easy-to-follow 30-day September Kickstart Plan, where she coaches you through a variety of circuits and sessions to keep things interesting, push different parts of your body and help you stay motivated.

You can start any day you like in September, and it doesn't matter what your fitness level is. Every single workout featured in the plan has been created to suit your fitness, how you're feeling that day and even how much time you have. Just get your kit ready each day, and the rest is planned out for you.

Here's how I'll help you get results

1) Super-quick

All my workouts are super-quick, so if you struggle for time, this is the plan for you. Circuits are 5, 20, 24 or 29 minutes - so they really will fit into the busiest schedule.

2) Varied

I want to you stay motivated, so I’ve added lots of variety to keep things interesting.

3) Rests rock

Rest days are just as important as workout days, so I’ve put 2 rest days in every week.

4) There’s science behind it all

The reason this plan works is because we are using expert principles (HIIT + pyramid training) to ensure you get fit really quick. Even better, all my exercises are clever multi-taskers, so they work multiple muscles in one hit. That means you get twice and even three times the benefit with each exercise.

5) Different levels to suit you

All my workouts feature different levels, so you can tailor the plan to suit you, your fitness, how you're feeling that day and even how much time you have.

6) We’re in this together

By joining Jennis, you’re joining a big community of people who all motivating each other. Plus, I’m here to coach you through every step, helping you stay focused and making fitness fun.

What’s in your plan?

1) 5-minute blasts

I’ve created 5-minute ab, bum and leg blasts that give you a quick and effective fitness fix. You can find all these in the Jennis Fitness app.

2) Jennis Fitness circuits

There are simple to follow HIIT-based workouts that use minimal equipment and can be done in 20, 26 or 29 minutes - depending on the level you choose. You can find them in Month 1 of the app.

3) HIIT Runs

I’ve created guided run sessions where I coach you in your ear and basically tell you when you need to run and when you need to walk. Even if you are not a ‘runner’, these sessions are great for getting you moving – with the emphasis on alternating pace, rather than how far you go. Sessions are 20, 25 and 29 mins and you can find these on YouTube or SoundCloud.

4) Rest days 

The good news is that total rest days are essential for good health and you’re actually doing your mind and body a lot of good by having them. I’ve put in two a week for you. These are when your muscles will repair and rest and it’s these rests that will help you get fitter.

5) Goal-setting inspiration

The biggest secret to sticking with a fitness plan is setting goals and documenting them. I'll help you do exactly that and I guarantee that if you have a goal in mind, we'll be able to realise it together. 

How we get started

When you sign up to Jennis Fitness (and the app is available from £1.96 a week), we'll get the 30-day Kickstart Plan emailed over to you. Your 30 days starts whenever you're ready.

If you’re already signed up to the Jennis Fitness plan but haven't received the plan, email us via the Jennis Fitness newsletter and we can make sure you receive one.

I truly believe that if you believe, things can get unbelievable – so let’s do this together!

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