How the Jennis Fitness app helps you get fitter week on week


Want to improve your fitness and tone up? Want to see improvements week after week? Then you need to keep tricking your body, as Jessica Ennis-Hill and her coach Toni Minichello explain…

When you sign up to Jessica Ennis-Hill’s exercise app, Jennis Fitness, we’ll send you a 30-day kick-start plan and coach you through 30 days of fitness. The plan features lots of variety to keep things interesting, including HIIT circuits (20, 24 and 29-minute options), 5-minute body blasts and special guided HIIT Runs – and it’s this variety that helps you get fitter faster, as Jess explains later.

Then, after you’ve followed our 30-day plan, we’ll send you a specially tailored 8-week follow-on plan, which is designed to help you get progressively fitter every single week.

How does the Jennis Fitness app get results?

“Your body is very clever and gets used to you upping your activity levels quite quickly,” says Toni Minichello, Jess’ coach for nearly 20 years. “So, if you want to keep getting fitter or stronger, you have to keep confusing it and tricking it every other week so it’s forced to keep adapting and changing. This is how I trained Jess and this is how I train my athletes today.”

And it works! “That’s why I have included lots of variety in the 30-day kick-start plan,” says Jessica Ennis-Hill. “By mixing your activities up, your body doesn’t get used to what you are doing. This means that you keep challenging it and keep getting results. The added bonus is that you don’t get bored, so you are less likely to give up on a plan.”

What the scientists say

These principles are backed up by sport scientists , who have proven that our muscles can adapt to any level of exercise that we regularly perform. As an example, if you ran the same distance at the same steady pace three times every week, your body would quickly get used to this activity and stop burning the same level of calories as it did at the outset. Annoying, isn’t it?!

How the Jennis 8-week follow-on plan gets results

“To make sure that doesn’t happen (and your body doesn’t get used to it),” says Jessica Ennis-Hill, “when you move on to my 8-week follow-on fitness plan, you’ll see that I have included a ‘Change Week’ every other week.

“The big idea here is that you step up one of your circuits or HIIT runs to the next level of intensity. This then confuses your body with ramped-up activity so that you keep challenging it, which in turn makes you fitter and more toned.”

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