How to master the Jennis rolling ab squat


Wondering how to do Jessica Ennis-Hill’s rolling ab squat from the 30-day bum challenge? Then check out this step-by-step masterclass from the master herself…


Are you doing the Jennis 30-day bum challenge? Has the rolling ab squat got you rolling around with laughter? Then you’re not alone.


As a favourite move from Jessica Ennis-Hill’s training career, this cheeky little exercise requires a bit of extra focus and concentration, but once you have got it, you’ll definitely feel the benefits.


“This one is fun,” says Jess, “but it’s definitely challenging and takes a few goes to master. Once you get there, though, you’ll definitely feel the benefit in your glutes, legs and core. It also helps to improve your balance, coordination and stamina.”


Here, Jess has broken down the steps for you and created a video tutorial:


1. First, lie down on your back and hug your knees to your chest.


2. Start rocking your torso back and forth with progressively larger movements, with your arms at your side. It’s important to build up the rocking momentum and speed here. You want to carry the momentum forwards from that lying down position into the standing position.


3. Make sure you swing your feet backwards over your head, with your bum lifting off the ground. This should give you the power you need to push into the final step.


4. When you next rock forwards, position your feet in the squat position with your arms straight out in front of you. Push through your heels to stand up, letting your arms drop by your side. Squeeze your glutes as you rise.


5. Lie back on the ground again, and begin rocking again for the next rolling squat. Repeat 10 times.


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