Jessica Ennis-Hill and Angelique Panagos

Belly fat that won't shift? Sleep issues? No longer seeing training gains? It could be this...


We're on a mission to dig deeper into the health and fitness issues you care about, which is why we're inviting the very best physios, sports psychologists, physiologists and more to discuss your biggest questions with Jennis founder, Jessica Ennis-Hill. For today's in-depth video chat, registered nutritional therapist and author of The Balance Plan, Angelique Panagos, talks sleep issues, faltering training gains, training on your period and much more...


Hormones get a bad rap, being blamed for moodiness around menstruation, hot flushes, sleep problems, unshiftable belly fat and lots of other negative symptoms. But the reality is that it's not hormones that are bad, it's a hormone imbalance that is. 


Importantly, there's an assumption that hormones and the less positive symptoms associated with them (poor sleep, stress, belly fat that won't shift and so on) are either 'a period thing' or 'a female thing' and you just have to live with them.


The truth, according to registered nutritional therapist, Angelique Panagos, is that if your symptoms are related to hormone imbalance, you absolutely can take control, you don't have to accept those symptoms and there are actually simple things you can do to take control.

"We are in the driver's seat of our own health," says Angelique in the video below, "and if we make small, simple changes, but consistently over time, for many of us it really can bring back balance and benefits."

If your symptoms are related to hormone imbalance, you can take control, you don't have to accept negative symptoms

We've broken the full conversation up into handy bite-sized videos below, each focusing on a different topic.


Hormones get such a bad press - but what exactly are they?



How are hormones and training interlinked?




Should I take a break from training when I am on my period?



What is the experience of periods and training for elite athletes?



My periods have stopped – what could it be?

**Correction: “In this question, I mention that one of the possible causes could be polycystic ovaries," says Angelique. "I meant to say polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). This is a common condition that affects a woman's hormone levels and can lead to problems with menstruation and fertility. Lifestyle plays a big part in managing the condition."



Why do I get period pains after a run session… even when I’m not on?

I have such bad insomnia – help!



I’m moody all the time and I can’t sleep – what could be the cause?



 I’ve got belly fat I can’t seem to get rid of – what can I do? 


A final note from Angelique: "I’m extremely mindful that this video is very much an overview conversation. In our discussion, we cover lots of different issues, so please be aware that what we cover is by no means a definitive list of possible causes or ideas, or, indeed, a diagnosis of any kind.


“Naturally, if I was seeing you in my clinic we would have time together for me to understand your health and lifestyle history, so please use this information as a starting point for more investigation to be done.


“If you could take one thing away from this video, I would love it to be that you don't have to simply accept your symptoms as part of life.


“As Jess and I discuss, the symptoms may not be caused by hormonal imbalance, and it’s really important to find out the root cause to be able to work out a possible solution. Because of this, please seek medical and nutritional advice to help you achieve the quality of life and health you deserve.


“Thanks again for having me, Team Jennis!"


Find out more about Angelique Panagos and her book The Balance Plan

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