New! 30-day ab challenge


Want to improve your ab definition? Fancy a new fitness challenge? Or simply want to come out of lockdown feeling stronger than ever? Then look no further…


Jessica Ennis-Hill has created a brand-new 30-day ab programme in the Jennis Fitness app that includes HIIT circuits, rep challenges, 5-minute body blasts and ultra ab sessions, so that you can target and tone your abs.


Even better, she’s mapped out exactly what you need to do every single day so that it’s easy to follow; there’s tons of variety and she will guide you through every move and minute.



The 30-day programme principles

“Getting great abs isn’t just about banging out loads of crunches and doing as many as you can every day,” explains Jess. “It’s about having variety in your training, making sure you’re testing your body in different ways and moving it in different directions.”


“The key is to exercise your whole body rather than concentrating on one body part, so it’s about working your legs, working your upper body, doing lots of rotational elements and making sure you’re conditioning yourself in a really full way. By doing that, you’ll definitely develop your abs. That’s why I feature so much variety in my ab challenge.”


What’s in the ab programme?

The Jennis 30-day ab challenge features lots of different circuits and sessions designed by Jess, with all of them under 30 minutes. These include…


- Jennis HIIT circuits: 20-29-minute sessions (you decide the time and difficulty level)


- Mini HIIT circuits: Shorter circuits in lower intensity days


- Rep challenges: quick rep challenges focusing on 3 x ab exercises and varying reps


- 5-minute ab blasts: super-quick ab blasts (10 x reps of 10 x ab exercises)


- Ultra ab sessions: 30-minute guided sessions


Is the ab challenge for me? 

The Jennis 30-day ab challenge has been created for all fitness levels. If you’re new to fitness or just getting back into it, follow along each day with Jess.


For people who want to really challenge themselves, you should choose the Advanced Jennis HIIT circuits - or, if you're feeling really strong, you can double the number of sets and reps that Jess suggests.The calendar has been designed to get progressively tougher and the rest days are important, so please bear that in mind.


How do I join up? 

Simple! If you aren’t already a Jennis fitness member, download and subscribe to the Jennis app. Apple users can find it here. People with Android devices can find the Jennis app here


Once you sign up, you’ll find Part 1 of the Ab Challenge in the Fitness section of your Jennis app. You’ll also be emailed a PDF planner that explains what you need to do each day and how the plan works. 

What if I miss a day? 

If you miss a day, no problem. This challenge is all about having fun and feeling good in our bodies, so it’s totally fine to take some extra rest days where needed. If you do, simply pick back up when you feel strong!




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