What you've been saying... about Jessica Ennis-Hill's exercise app, Jennis Fitness


We wanted to share a few of the things you’ve been saying about Jessica Ennis-Hill's Jennis Fitness exercise app in our community channels...

We’re always listening to the comments of our Jennis Fitness community on our social channels . Here’s what we’ve learned about what you think about the workouts.

First things first, don’t expect your Jennis Fitness exercise routine to be a walk in the park.

“Good fitness apps are few and far between but this one… Exquisitely put together, simple, easy to use, and, maaaaaaan, is it tough. Count me in for more!”

In fact, it turns out the app may even encourage some of you to tweak your long-term fitness goals…

I love your app, Jess. The workouts are quality… reckon I might be at the next Olympics at this rate! ;-D Thanks so much for the inspo…!

Not yet a member and thinking about signing up to Jessica Ennis-Hill's Jennis Fitness? This comment from one of our current users may help you decide which subscription to go for:

Thank you is not enough to say how grateful I am for your app. I’ve just subscribed for 3 months and am already regretting I haven’t subscribed for 12!

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