7 things you learned from using Jessica Ennis-Hill’s Jennis Pregnancy exercise app


Jessica Ennis-Hill created her Jennis Pregnancy exercise app to help women stay safely active through their pregnancies, but how are you guys finding it and what's working for you as your bumps get bigger? We check the social feeds to find out...

“When I was pregnant with my son, Reggie, I had no idea what I could and couldn’t do to stay active,” says Jessica Ennis-Hill.

“That was really scary for me, as I was still training professionally, and understood my body completely when it came to everything else.”

Like most women, Jess turned to Google to find out what exercise was recommended for pregnant women. “I found tons of contradictions and misinformation there,” she says. “And that was even more scary!

“I was pretty lucky because I could work with my physio, who set the record straight, and together we created a range of workouts that took me through my trimesters, then post-natally and back to competition.

“Off the back of this experience, I wanted to create a p regnancy exercise programme so that other women could access the same workouts and expertise I enjoyed, so I created the Jennis Pregnancy and Postnatal exercise app,” says Jess.

Taking a tour

So, that’s the inspiration behind Jessica Ennis-Hill's Jennis Pregnancy and Jennis Postnatal app, but what’s it like when you try it for yourself?

When you first download the app, the interface is lovely and clear and you’ll see that the programme is broken up by trimester. Once you sign up, you’ll be able to access the workouts specific to your due date, then the workouts will automatically update and unlock as you go from trimester to trimester – a big plus point!

Once you have subscribed, you’ll be able to access your trimester-specific workouts, with each trimester package including four Pregnacise workouts (low-intensity cardio and strength training), a core stability workout (which is about strengthening and stabilising your core and pelvic floor muscles), a trimester-specific yoga circuit and a meditation.

There are a number of payment options, with the monthly subscription costing £9.99 a month, although you can save up to 15% if you sign up for longer.

I love the fact that you know they are safe and that a professional has recommended these routines

Over to you…

That’s a very quick tour. But how are people finding it? We listened in to the Jennis Fitness social channels for users’ verdicts and discovered these 7 things.

1) Endorphin boosting

Many women have commented on how a Jennis Pregnancy workout is a great way to lift your mood and boost your energy levels. “I feel much more energised and invigorated now,” says @littleloz44. “Exercise is such a great way to sweep the anxiety aside and the endorphins have given me some extra positivity.”

For @n_a_glover in her third trimester, it’s all about getting your post-workout Jennis glow on. “Did the Trimester 3 core stability session and one of the workouts in the garden this morning. Feeling refreshed and saint-like, and ready to enjoy a wedding this afternoon!”

2) Peace of mind

With all the contradictory facts and stats around pregnancy activity, Jess’s app provides peace of mind. @zoefitness_dxb says, “I love the fact that you know they are safe and that a professional has recommended these routines.”

@rachelcareyclothing agrees: “I just did my first 2nd trimester workout! LOVED IT and feel like myself again. I’ve got so fed up with being told ‘take it easy’ and rest. It was so nice to feel confident about doing a bit more. Thank you thank you xx”

3) Mixing it up to suit you

Every day is different when you’re pregnant, so the variety means you can pick a workout that reflects how you feel that day, says @Zoefitness_dxb: “I like the variety and the fact that you can swap between a couple of different routines. So, if you are lacking energy one day, maybe use a lower level routine, or if you are feeling more energetic, you can go for a higher activity level.”

4) Getting back to you

When there are so many changes taking place in your body, it’s nice to have an app that helps you take control back, says @catherinebuckley84. “I just want to say a massive thank you! I used the app for the first time today (I’m now 5 months pregnant!) and for the first time in 5 months I feel like myself again! I’m looking forward to the next session already!”

It’s so nice to have a programme that’s completely tailored to getting back to exercise slowly

5) Nap-time friendly

If you’ve already got a little one to look after – as well as having one on the way – you may find it a convenient way to squeeze in some exercise. “Having a toddler to look after does reduce my time for me and I don’t prioritise my fitness much any more,” says @jennygregg. “I love the new Jennis Pregnancy app because it means I can do a workout quickly, without any planning.”

6) They don’t leave you hanging

What about after you’ve given birth? On the Jennis plan, you’ll be supported pre-baby and postnatally, with the postnatal plan designed to help you gradually build up your core and pelvic muscles post-birth. “It was my first day back in the gym and I’m following your programme,” explains @gem_berryman. “It’s so nice to have a programme that’s completely tailored to getting back to exercise slowly. So excited to get back to it.”

7) The results are well worth it

According to @clarecordner, who is also on the Jennis Postnatal programme, gradual is great once you’re ready to get back to it: “I'm only 3 weeks in, but already seeing improvements in my core. It's reassuring to hear Jess found some of these 'easy' exercises hard too. Slowly slowly though. Concentrating on form helps me not rush to do more.”

So, that’s the consensus, so why not give the Jennis Pregnancy plan a try for yourself?

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