New mums to get the mental health support they need


After two and half years of NCT campaigning, NHS England has announced funding for dedicated postnatal checks for new mothers…


You may remember a few months ago that we reported on the NCT’s #HiddenHalf campaign to help new mums get more support with their mental health. Well, after two and half years of NCT campaigning, NHS England has announced that they’re going to fund dedicated postnatal checks for new mothers.



Why it’s important

After you have given birth, it’s often all about the baby. But it’s important to give new mums the space and support to discuss their own emotional needs. Because of this, the campaign aimed to get government funding for new mums to have a dedicated 10-minute appointment slot at their GP surgery when your baby is six weeks old.


According to Abigail Wood, the NCT’s head of campaigns: “There is still a massive stigma about new mums talking about how they are feeling, especially if they’re struggling, so we think the six-week check-up offers an opportunity to pick up on emotional wellbeing problems early on when a bit of help could make a big difference.


“We know that if a doctor takes the time talk to you about how you’re coping, problems can be identified, support offered and follow-ups arranged.”



Cue fireworks!

We’re really proud and excited to announce that the #HiddenHalf campaign has been a success and NHS England has just announced funding for dedicated postnatal checks for new mums. The new checks will start at the beginning of April in England, so new mums will start benefitting then. You can find out more about the changes here.



Huge thanks and congrats

This is an amazing achievement by the NCT and testament to their hard work. But it’s also down to you, our amazing Jennis community, who signed the petition. We’re all about helping women get as much mental and physical support as possible through pregnancy and postnatally, so we’re really chuffed that this campaign has been a victory.



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