The 7 mum bloggers you’re loving right now


The best mum and pregnancy bloggers make us laugh, give us a big dollop of puke-and-all realism and help us decipher this weird and wonderful time in all our lives. But who are your favourites and why? We asked the Jennis Pregnancy community and got this lively round-up…



Rosie Ramsey – @rosemarinoramsey

Who: Actor, TV presenter and one half of the podcast SH**GGED, MARRIED, ANNOYED. (Her husband is comedian Chris Ramsey, who you might recognise from this season’s Strictly.)

In a nutshell: A down-to-earth look at her everyday life with a healthy dollop of humour.

Why follow: For a chuckle. As Rosie says, ‘Life is good. Work is canny. Yet, here I am. Thirty three years old with my laptop in a f**king carrier bag.’

Find her here



Stacey Solomon – @staceysolomon

Who: TV presenter and panellist on ITV’s Loose Women.

In a nutshell: Beautiful family pics interspersed with non-edited shots of her post-baby body – leaking boobs and all. We also love her power ballad renditions with a mop / broom.

Why follow: For some laugh-out-loud realism while bringing up baby.

Find her here



Anna Mathur – @annamathur

Who: A psychotherapist, Anna runs mental health coaching courses and a packed social feed.

In a nutshell: Feel-good messages, body-positive vibes and anti-anxiety tips to help with everyday family life. Anna reminds you to take time for yourself, and to learn how teeny tiny daily tweaks could be all it takes for a positive change.

Why follow: For a more positive mindset.

Find her here



Zoe Hardman and Georgia Dayton - @madebymammas

Who: The duo behind Made by Mammas: The Podcast. Zoe is a TV presenter and radio broadcaster, while Georgia is a PR executive.

In a nutshell: A beautiful but ‘here’s-the-gritty-reality’ Insta feed, plus podcast interviews with guests on different parenting topics, including one with our very own Jessica Ennis-Hill.

Why follow: For their natural glamour and honesty. Emergency car-boot nappy changes, anyone?

Find them here



Anna Whitehouse - @mother_pukka

Who: Journalist and the founder of blog Mother Pukka.

In a nutshell: Funny, irreverent, stylish parenting advice. Her slogan is ‘For people who happen to be parents’, which says it all.

Why follow: For some laughs and to support her campaign for flexible working for everyone.

Find her here



Giovanna Fletcher – @mrsgifletcher

Who: Author and podcaster, Giovanna is married to McFly singer Tom Fletcher.

In a nutshell: Giovanna hosts the podcast Happy Baby, Happy Mummy, which interviews different guests about being a parent, and was inspired by her book Happy Mum, Happy Baby: My Adventures into Motherhood, published by Vermilion.

Why follow: For her easy, chatty style plus cute snaps of family life.

Clemmie Telford – @clemmie_telford

Who: She blogs at Mother of All Lists, and is a podcaster and creative strategist.

In a nutshell: Eye-opening list-style blogs about women’s life experiences. She also hosts a podcast, Honestly, in which she interviews guests about life’s big questions, from gender and egg donation to fear, cancer and baby loss.

Why follow: For thought-provoking reads and audio.

Find her here



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