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Should you exercise on your period?

When it comes to working out on your period, some people tell you to slow it right down while others tell you to go for it. But what’s best and why? We turn to Jennis exercise physiologist, Dr Emma Ross, for the facts...


7 reasons why yoga will make you a better runner

If you want to get stronger at running, it makes sense that you get out there and run, right? Wrong. According to Lina Nielsen, 400m hurdler and Jennis yoga coach, yoga can transform your running times, improve recovery and prevent injuries

Lina Nielsen running

7 surprisingly brilliant things you didn't know about your menstrual cycle

Jennis physiologist Dr Emma Ross reveals some lesser-known amazing things to try across your menstrual cycle…

Happy positive energy

7 nutrients that can support your immune system

We all know how important it is to eat ‘well’ to stay healthy, but which foods pack the biggest punch in the immune system department? Dietitian and nutritionist Sarah Schenker breaks down our shopping lists for us…


Meet Lina: our new Jennis yoga ambassador

Whether you want to feel more flexible, recover more efficiently, improve your running or relax your mind, yoga can help, as we discover when we chat to new Jennis yoga ambassador, Lina Nielsen….

Yoga for abs Lina

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