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The plan is £9.99 per month, no matter which programme you go with – and you can cancel at any time.

Opt for 12 months upfront and pay just £99.99 for the year.

Most definitely. The app is available on Android and iPhones. You can download it from the App Store here and the Play Store here.

You can use the same log-in across multiple devices, but you can’t have multiple profiles within the programme. We’re totally cool about you and a mate or partner sharing a log-in. After all, it’s always better to workout together.

Absolutely. Jess designed every single circuit featured in the Jennis programme. They are all inspired by the training she did when she was an elite athlete and her busy life now. That means you get elite principles for everyday workouts. Pretty cool, right?

When it comes to the Pregnancy and Postnatal programmes, Jess worked with a host of experts, who all helped her come back to fitness after her own pregnancies.

At this stage it’s just UK English/Sheffield speak I’m afraid.

Definitely. In fact, they are designed to support home workouts. After Jess retired, she became more and more busy, which meant that she had to squeeze in workouts whenever she could at home.

Because of that, you can follow these routines at home, at the gym, in a hotel room, at the park and pretty much wherever works. There are a few pieces of equipment you may need depending on the programme and circuit you are doing, but there are household items that will do the job. So, instead of dumbbells, you can use cans of beans or water bottles, for example.

Simply click on the icon that looks like a little person in the top-right of your screen. This will bring up your profile. In the section that says, ‘Your programme’, click‘ change programme’ and you’ll see a list of Jennis programmes to choose from. Once you select a new programme and press the back arrow, you’ll see that all the fitness content has changed to suit your selection.

The process will differ depending on which device you have, so we’ve shared the step-by-step for Apple and Android devices below. Please note: if you uninstall the Jennis app, it won’t automatically cancel your subscription, so you need to use the steps below.

If you have an Android phone or tablet:

  • Open the Google Play Store

  • Check that you’re signed into the correct Google account, then tap the menu at the top of your screen and click ‘Subscriptions’

  • Select the subscription you want to cancel and tap ‘Cancel subscription’

  • Follow the instructions on screen and you’re done

If you have an iOS device (iPhone or iPad):

  • Head to Settings, then click on your your name and select ‘iTunes & App Store’

  • Tap your Apple ID at the top of the screen, then ‘View Apple ID’. You might need to sign in with your Apple ID at this point

  • Scroll to ‘Subscriptions,’ then tap it

  • Select Jennis in your subscriptions list, then click ‘Cancel subscription’

  • If you cancel, your subscription will stop at the end of the current billing cycle and you should be able to see the date that you’ll have access to Jennis till

  • If you don’t see an option to cancel your subscription, then it’s already cancelled and won’t renew

  • If your subscription has recently expired, you should see an expiration date

When you cancel a subscription you’ll still be able to use your subscription for the time that you’ve already paid. For example, if you buy a one-month subscription on 1st January for £14.99 and decide to cancel your subscription on 5th January, you’ll have access to the subscription until the 31st January. You then won’t be charged another monthly subscription of £14.99 on the 1st February.

If you’re having issues accessing your subscription, drop us a line at with a screenshot of what you’re seeing and we’ll get it sorted for you.

Yes, you can get Jennis on the big screen. The steps vary depending on the device you have. 

If you are an iOS user, you can stream easily onto your Apple TV. Start by pressing Play on the circuit you want to do. You’ll then see a cast icon on your phone screen. Click on this and select Apple TV from the options. Your workout should then stream on your TV.

For Samsung/Android devices you will need to install an app called Google Home. Once installed, open the Google Home app and cast the device to ChromeCast. Open the Jennis App, tilt into Landscape mode and you should be able to workout from your TV. 

We are continuously improving Jennis and the ability to Chromecast directly will be coming soon.

We don't store or hold any financial details at Jennis, so please apply to your app store for a refund. Here are some helpful links per provider.

For Apple, click here 

For Google, there is guidance here

We are open Monday to Friday and will always get back to you as soon we possibly can with a personal response.

If your question is about your body or something specific about the programme, we may want an expert opinion. If that's the case, we may get a personalised response from one of our physio team, so it may take slightly longer.


CycleMapping maps the best training sessions to the four phases of your unique menstrual cycle so that you get maximum physical and psychological benefits.

When you sign up to the programme, you go through a quick questionnaire, which helps our experts understand your fitness goals, cycle length, period / pre-menstrual symptoms and fitness level. We’ll then plot your workouts and rest days across every day of your cycle so that you benefit from working with your hormones, not against them. Fitness sessions include HIIT, LISS, strength, running, yoga, stretch and more; circuits range from 9 to 40 minutes and fitness levels include: Back to Fitness; Beginner; Intermediate and Advanced.

Benefits include more efficient strength and fitness gains, a more consistent approach to training, reduced cycle symptoms (including hormonal headaches and hormonal insomnia), greater energy, more lean muscle gains and a more positive mood and body image across your cycle. 

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The CycleMapping programme is personalised to your cycle by experts and makes planning your workouts easy. When you sign up, you go through a quick questionnaire, which helps us understand your fitness goals, cycle length, period / pre-menstrual symptoms and fitness level. 

Using this, our experts can pinpoint where you are in your cycle and make training recommendations based on the hormone profile of the phase that you’re in. Each day, you’ll be recommended a different selection of workouts (HIIT, strength, LISS, runs, strength, yoga) or rest days, which are designed to make the most of your hormones, energy levels and mood. 

You’ll also get helpful life hacks on what to eat to boost or minimise symptoms; plus, you can log your daily symptoms and moods, which helps to create a picture of your personalised symptom trends.

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Every woman is different and their hormonal profiles and period symptoms are different, but benefits include more efficient strength and fitness gains, a more consistent approach to training, reduced cycle symptoms (including hormonal headaches and hormonal insomnia), greater energy, more lean muscle and a more positive mood and body image across the cycle. 

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Each day of the programme our experts adjust your sessions to reflect the phase of your cycle you’re in, what’s happening hormonally and the symptoms you’re experiencing, with our goal to help you make the most of your amazing physiology. 

This means a higher proportion of high intensity and strength workouts during your Follicular Phase (when oestrogen and motivation are high); a greater number of steady state sessions like power yoga and LISS during your Luteal Phase (when progesterone is high), and sessions to suit your unique symptoms and energy during your Period and Pre-menstrual Phases. 

Because we help women make the most of what’s happening hormonally in each phase, adapt sessions daily to reflect their physiology and also map in rest (a key element in fitness adaptation), the majority of Mappers get fitter and stronger month on month.

To help you to keep making gains, our experts also map in progressively harder sessions month on month and rotate your sessions every day to work different body zones.

Read more about Jennis CycleMapping here 

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Our CycleMapping launch product maps training recommendations to the hormonal fluctuations that take place across a ‘natural’ cycle (one that is unaffected by synthetic hormones). It is also compatible if you are using a non-hormonal or Merena coil. 

Unfortunately, because most hormonal contraceptives, such as the pill, alter that natural hormonal pattern, we aren’t able to provide you with CycleMapping recommendations right now. In the future we want to help all women optimise their hormonal health, so keep following us for future updates and we’ll let you know when this changes.

Read about what oral contraception does to your hormones here

CycleMapping has been built to help you tune into your body across your cycle, recognise your symptoms and adapt your training to suit. Although your cycle can become irregular and new symptoms can appear during perimenopause, you can still use the training sessions to help with those symptoms.

In addition, tracking your cycle and noting how you are feeling at different times can be really helpful when speaking to your medical practitioners.

Yes, plus a range of other hormonally related symptoms. 

When you join up, we’ll ask you about your personalised period symptoms, then map in sessions to suit. Whether that’s abdominal cramps, bloating, hormonal headaches, fatigue or something else, the sessions that our CycleMapping experts map in for you are all designed to help.

To help specifically with abdominal cramps, we have a range of dedicated yoga flows, designed by Jennis yoga teacher Lina Nielsen. These all feature moves that send blood and oxygen to the area, which in turn helps to alleviate the cramping.  

Read about exercising on your period here  Read about foods to help with period symptoms here Read about Jennis yoga coach, Lina Nielsen, here

You don’t need tons of equipment to start CycleMapping. A set of dumbbells are helpful, but you can easily switch these out with everyday household items, such as water bottles or tins.

Yes, plus a range of other hormonally related symptoms. 

When you join up, we’ll ask you about your personalised pre-menstrual symptoms, then map in sessions to suit. Whether that’s bloating, sore boobs, fatigue, anxiety or irritability, the sessions our CycleMapping experts map in for you are designed to help. You can also choose from rage releasing runs, stress busting sessions and more. 

Read about how to reduce PMT symptoms here Read about foods to alleviate PMT here 

Our goal with everything we do at Jennis is to help women understand their bodies better and give them really well informed and accessible strategies to feel stronger, fitter and happier. 

Unfortunately, we’re still in the planning stages for how we develop our menopause products so we don't have anything live yet, but we’re working hard to support women across every life stage, so keep following us for future updates and we’ll let you know when this changes.

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