The Jennis Postnatal programme shares the same circuits and recovery principles Jess used after the birth of both her babies and is designed to help new mums get gradually and safely back to fitness. Central to the programme is the philosophy of building up the right muscles in the right order for long-term health and fitness.

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  • Physio-approved and curated programme
  • Gradual muscle build-up for long-term health
  • Supporting your transition to the full Jennis Fitness programme

Key features

  • Stage 1 (0-8 weeks): Helping you build up your core control muscles
  • Stage 2 (8-16 weeks): Helping you develop that core control, while adding light resistance
  • Stage 3 (16-24 weeks): Gentle fitness workouts that will help you progress to a full fitness programme

Meet the team

Our world-class team has been handpicked by Jess across a wide range of disciplines to help you be your personal best…

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