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“It’s the learnings from this experience that have inspired the workouts and circuits you can enjoy in the Jennis app”

Meet the team

Dame Jess Ennis-Hill

Jessica Ennis-Hill is one of Great Britain’s most successful athletes, and shot to fame after winning a gold medal in the Heptathlon on the now-legendary Super Saturday at the London 2012 Olympics.


After decades of elite training, Jessica gave one of the iconic performances of the London games, achieving a succession of incredible PBs, then sealing gold in an incredible 800m in front of an adoring 80,000-strong crowd.


Her other proudest and greatest achievement as an athlete was winning the World Championships in Beijing in 2015 just 10 months after returning to competition after the birth of her son, Reggie.


In the run up to the 2015 world championships, Jessica wasn’t sure she could get back to peak performance and was forced to adapt her elite regime, cramming intense training sessions in to less time so that she could be with her new baby.


Beating an incredibly strong field at Beijing, Jessica’s approach worked, and it’s the learnings from this experience that have inspired the workouts and circuits you can enjoy in the Jennis app. Read about her journey from pregnancy to gold here.


Today, Jess is still incredibly busy, running around after two young children, commentating on major athletics events with the BBC, and working as an ambassador with leading brands. When she’s not doing that, she’s in her garage gym devising circuits for herself and the Jennis app, which boasts three different programmes.


Jennis Fitness - For people who want elite-level training that fits into 30 minutes or less. These are all circuits inspired by Jessica’s career and are designed to help you get fitter, stronger and more confident. 


Jennis Pregnancy – The same strength and resistance programme that Jess followed throughout her 2 pregnancies that enabled her to come back so strongly post birth.


Jennis Postnatal – The same postnatal plan that Jess followed to help her get gradually back to fitness. Designed in three stages, this programme helps you build up the right muscles in the right order and at the right pace. 

Career highlights 
• 28 January 1986 – Born in Sheffield, UK 
• 2006 – Bronze medal Commonwealth Games Heptathlon 
• 2009 – World Champion Heptathlon 
• 2010 – World Indoor Champion Pentathlon and European Champion Heptathlon 
• 2011 – World Champion heptathlon 
• 2012 – Silver medal World Indoor pentathlon and Olympic Champion in London 
• 2015 – World Champion Heptathlon in Beijing, 10 months after birth of first baby 
• August 2016 – Silver medal Olympic Heptathlon in Rio 
• October 2016 – Retired from Athletics 
• 2017 – Jessica was awarded a Damehood for her services to athletics

Ali Rose

Ali is one of the UK’s leading sports physiotherapists and has worked with Jess and many other renowned sports stars throughout her career, including Kelly Holmes (double Olympic gold in the 800m and 1500m) and Alistair and Jonny Brownlee (the 2012 Olympic gold and silver medallists).


Most notably, Ali helped to mastermind Jess’s incredible comeback from her first pregnancy to win World heptathlon gold in just 10 months, and has helped to package up all this knowledge in the Jennis Pregnancy programme.


Ali has her own physiotherapy clinic, CSPC, in Leeds. When she’s not busy with patients, running or mountain biking, she’s sharing her wealth of knowledge in articles, social Q&As and workshops on the Jennis blog.

Claire Merrett

Claire has been working as a physiotherapist for over twenty years, she’s qualified in antenatal/postnatal Pilates instruction, she's been teaching pilates classes for over 12 years and she has three children.


Using this experience and expertise, she has helped us to create the Postnatal programme of the Jennis app and you’ll hear her sharing expert insights on the important process of rebuilding and strengthening your core and pelvic floor throughout.


When she’s not working, Claire enjoys running and running after her new puppy.

Nicola Harpin

Nicola is a qualified yoga teacher who has been practicing for over 20 years, and taught Jess yoga when she was competing to increase her flexibility.


As founder of Yoga At The Reach in Sheffield, Nicola teaches Ashtanga yoga, as well as pregnancy, baby, postnatal, toddler and children’s yoga. She is also qualified to teach baby massage.


Nicola worked with Jess on special trimester-specific yoga routines through both of her pregnancies, and you’ll find these exact routines in the app.

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