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Jennis CycleMapping

A smart new fitness programme that helps you map the right sessions to your menstrual cycle for bigger fitness gains, more energy and a better understanding of the rhythms of your body. Features HIIT, yoga, running, recovery and more.

  • Physiologist-approved and curated programme
  • Cutting-edge female fitness intelligence
  • A deeper understanding of your cycle

Key features

  • Fitness for each phase of your cycle – HIIT, yoga, strength, running, recovery, rest and more
  • Guidance on when to push yourself, when to rest and when to go steady
  • Period-specific yoga and stretch sessions, plus cramp and ache-relieving circuits
  • Dedicated high intensity and steady state sessions that reflect your unique cycle

Meet the team

Our world-class team has been handpicked by Jess across a wide range of disciplines to help you be your personal best…

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